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Doodle Quilting

Doodle Quilting
10907 C & T Publishing
C & T Publishing
Machine Quilting
Made in China

Product Information

    Cheryl Malkowski In this beginner's guide to free-motion, continuous-line quilting designs, the focus is on selecting the right forms and lines that get you where you need to go...because sometimes the hardest part is figuring out where to quilt next! You'll gain confidence in your innate artistic ability to draw basic shapes, then you'll learn how to put them together into over a hundred different all-over quilting designs. * See how easy it can be to create interesting quilting designs by mastering your doodling skills * From squiggles and swirls to flowers and feathers, learn which shapes are best for confined spaces and which work better traveling across your quilt * Includes drawing exercises and tips for transferring your designs from paper to fabric