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Ladder Theory Quilt

Ladder Theory Quilt

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 Ladder Theory4

Hello Fellow Quilter! It's Crystal Hendrix from Hendrixville! It's feels good to be back again creating and quilting! I have a colorful and bright quilt today using V and Co. new line, Color Theory. I love these colors and how they bring to mind a happy spring day one these cold winter days!

I have a nice easy  quilt for beginners and even though it is a large lap size quilt, it can easily be altered to make any size of quilt you would like by just adding more blocks.


 Ladder Theory1

1 Color Theory Jelly Roll

1 /2 yard each of (6 total) : Mesh Pink (10836 12), Mesh Lime (10836 13), Mesh Teal (10836 14), Mesh Navy ( 10836 15), Mesh Grey (10836 17) and Mesh Mustard (10836 16)

4 yards (backing) Ombre Teal

1/2 yard (binding) Ombre Graphite


To begin with this is a 42 block quilt in a 6 x 7 block layout.

From your 6 -  1/2 yards, you will need to cut 21- 2.5" x 10.5" in each color (will give you a of 126 pieces total).

With your Jelly Roll, separate the 42 pieces (2.5" x 40") into the different color groups; teal, blue, grey, pink, green and yellow. * *I TAKE OUT ALL THE MESH COLOR PIECES FOR THE NEXT PART (THE SAME COLORED PIECES AS YOUR 1/2 YARD PIECES)** 

Now with your separated jelly roll pieces, cut 35 - 2.5" x 4.5" from each colored bundles ( teal, blue, grey, pink, green and yellow).

I think the hardest part of this whole quilt is getting the right color combination. I used the following as a guide for all of my 42 blocks. Feel free to use any color combination you choose or put the different sized pieces into a bag and take out one at a time to get a good "random" combination.

Ladder Theory6

To assemble the block, I FIRST laid out the different pieces into the template that I liked and then SECOND I sewed the first two 2.5" x 10.5" pieces together using a 1/4" seam allowance (use through out the rest of the quilt) and sew together the five 2.5" x 4.5" pieces together. Make sure to press seams in between steps. THIRD I sewed the bottom 2.5" x 10.5" piece to the 2.5" x 4.5" piece (now measuring 4.5" x 10.5"). FOURTH sew together the 2 pieces to finish your block. Your block will now measure approximately 10.5" x 10.5".

Ladder Theory2

Continue the following steps for the remaining 41 other blocks.

When assembling your blocks, assemble the rows as following. I started with my first block and then rotated the next block 90 degrees. I also lined up the rows so that each block was different in all directions.

 Ladder Theory 6

My finished quilt top looked like this. At this point baste, quilt and bind in your preferred methods.

Ladder Theory3




Once finished you will have a beautiful quilt approximately 60" x 70". The ombre coloring on the back of the quilt adds an amazing touch, so that you can have either side facing out! This brings the spring colors to your seating area or to any bedroom.

 Ladder Theory4Ladder Theory5

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at nmommy(at)gmail(dot)com and I can help you with anything that I can! Enjoy!

Crystal Hendrix