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Quilter. Maker. Sewist.

Quilter. Maker. Sewist.

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Have you ever wondered what it is about taking little bits of fabric and sewing it together that appeals to you?


I do - and I thought about it a lot while making these two pincushions.

There wasn't any intent - I definitely didn't need another pincushion.  But there were these itty-bitty scraps of fabric, maybe 25 pieces in all, the biggest of which was approx. 1" wide b y 5" long.  They were the trimmings from the layouts made to record each collection - in this case, Jen Kingwell's Moving On Lawns.  I saw them laying on the table in Eladia's office and well... I just couldn't help myself.  They just needed to be made into something.

If you're curious, the final strike-offs for each collection are cut and arranged in a layout of as many as ten pages.  The original sheets with the fabric swatches are kept as a record.  The pages are then scanned and paper copies showing the collection are sent to the designer, distributors who request them and a few other folks who want or need it.  This work is all done by sweet Eladia - who is quite used to my being distracted by the piles of pretty scraps in her office.  (Squirrel!)

So is this an obsession - or is it a passion?

Why do you "make stuff"?


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