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Pillows and challenges...

Pillows and challenges...

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We've got a pillow-palooza in the office!


It was the first week of January and we were flush with the thought of a new year, a fresh start, good resolutions to be more productive.  Let's plan ahead - get an early start on sewing projects.  It seemed like a good idea.  Most everyone here sews and likes to make "stuff" that we can use for a variety of purposes.

So what should we do?  Let's see... we've got beautiful Christmas and holiday collections in the sample room so let's organize an "office challenge".  The "rules" were simple - use any upcoming collection and any book or pattern we stock to make a pillow - 20" or 24" finished size.  Participants were free to quilt, embroider, embellish and finish the pillow however they wanted.

And we had a deadline.  I think it was March 15.  (Since I'm obviously unsure of the date, it is safe to assume that I missed the deadline.)

Only one person had a finished pillow - thank you, MaryAnn.  You rock!


MaryAnn went all-in with Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  The fabrics are Blue Barn and the pattern is Viewpoint - she used Edyta's templates to cut the pieces.  The pillow is made with four blocks, is finished with piping and measures 24" x 24".

We extended the deadline a month - April 15th... tax day.  That was probably not a great idea.  Except the pillows started coming in.  (With Market looming, it was time to "fish or cut bait".)

And we've got some serious fisher-women!


Kelli made this Pineapple pillow with Juniper Berry by Basic Grey.  She made four blocks using the Pineapple Block Paper Pieces by Gigi's Thimble so her pillow finishes just a skosh bigger at 25" x 25".

To make up for being late with her pillow - not! - Kelli made a second pillow using The Cookie Exchange from Sweetwater.


The pattern is Scrapper's Delight from the terrific book Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison.  (It's one of my favorite books.)

Holly Night Metallic was Brianna's fabric-of-choice.


Using the Layer Cake 4-Hour Throw pattern by Buttons & Bees, this pillow is embellished with Brianna's lovely embroidery - "For unto us a Child is born."


The Christmas Gatherings collections from Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings had Tammy V's name all over it - she loves Reproductions.  And teeny piecing.  Micro Mini Quilts by Moose on the Porch is the pattern - those little pieces measure about 3/4" x 1 1/2".  The pillow is finished with one of my favorite "finishing techniques" - the front and back are layered wrong-sides together and the pillow is bound like a quilt.

Lissa's also chose to use one of Lisa's collections - the Wool & Needle IV Flannels.


Pattern?  Lissa made it up as she went along - it was an improv-thing.  She also did the super-cool circle-quilting.

But we're curious about one thing - vertical or horizontal?


It's the subject of some debate and Lissa won't 'fess up to which it is.

The last finished pillow is Ducky's - and no, she wasn't the last to finish.

CT-Juniper-Berry-DuckyOne Scrap Basket Blossom block from Kim Diehl's terrific book, Simple Appliqué.  The fabric is Juniper Berry by Basic Grey.


Being Ducky, the pillow has a couple of extra-special touches.  In addition to the perfect appliqué, I love the embroidery along the edge of the pillow.  And the deep flange-edging.  (Which didn't want to cooperate for photography.)

Moi?  I finished the top in early April, before the deadline.  Then I couldn't decide how to quilt it so it sat.  I finally accepted that I should let a "professional" handle it so my pillow top is at the quilter.  I'll have a finished pillow in a few weeks - well before the Open House in August.  Ducky has an idea for a display.


Juniper Berry - it was a popular choice - and the new Moda Chambray in Black.  (I'm in love with its awesomeness.)  I used the Down South Mini pattern by Peta Peace of She Quilts Alot.

So that makes me the last to finish.


I'm fine with that.

Happy Friday!




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