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Flower Power...

Flower Power...

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It might be November and most of us are most likely thinking about pine trees, poinsettia and holly.  But we've got a field of flowers in the warehouse right now.


Poppy Mae by Robin Pickens - Summer Breeze IV - Sakura

We do love flowers and by extension, fabric with flowers.  While the days are getting shorter and a bit chillier, we're keeping our flowers.  And because there is rain in the forecast for Dallas today, I'm in a "feel the need for some flowers" kind of mood... and because it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I'm sharing.

Sakura is named for the lovely cherry blossoms that symbolize the beauty and fragility of life in Japanese culture.


The colors are vibrant but soft - and the white pieces are especially pretty.  (Yes, they are my favorites.)  There are twenty-six pieces in the Sakura collection - it will be in stores by the first week of December.

If daisies, asters, poppies and Delphinium are more your style, Summer Breeze IV is a beautiful field of blue and yellow.


Did you know that blue and yellow is one of the most popular color combinations for quilts?  I read that a few years ago in a quilt magazine so it must be true, right?


This lovely Irish Chain quilt will be available as a kit in late December.  The pattern is a Moda 12-Pack Quilt - Booklet 3: Luck of the Irish.  Summer Breeze IV will be in shops the end of December or early January.

Hello Nanette!


Yes, yes Nanette!  This is the new Chez Moi collection - soft, pretty, flirty and feminine.  Très joli, n'est-ce pas?

The 2016 Regent Street Lawns are already on their way out of the warehouse...


Despite my best efforts to keep all of this loveliness for myself.  (I said I would share... I didn't say I would share everything!)

I think you know that I love cotton lawns - the fine threads, light weight and tighter weave makes them lovely to sew with, and the finished quilts and garments are so blissfully, silky soft.  Yes, they are a bit more expensive than regular quilting cottons but they are worth the splurge.  I'm always asked if they wash and "hold up" well and the answer is "absolutely!" Even though the fabrics feel thin, the higher thread count of the fabric makes them as strong as our other quilting cottons.

And it's so pretty.

The other collection I'm excited about - we're all excited about! - is Robin Pickens' Poppy Mae.  After what seems like forever, the collection is finally on it's way to shops this coming week.

It's pretty - and pretty awesome.


You might remember that Robin was the winner of the Moda-Spoonflower Fabric8 Contest - Botanical Sketchbook.  The designs Robin drew became the foundation of this gorgeous collection inspired by the fields of poppies blooming in California.

Over the past few months, Robin has created beautiful quilts and pictures with her collection.  Basically, the girl rocked it!


Artists.  They can make a stack of half-triangle squares look gorgeous.

The big poppy print in Poppy Mae is spectacular -


There are four colorways - this is the black background.  There is also green, the peachy-pink and ivory.  The spools of Aurifloss are there to show you how big the poppies are - and because I like playing with them.

So that's it for Moda's Flower Shop.  And because I said I would share, one of you will have an extra reason to be thankful.  Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday - November 27th - and you'll win the three little floral bundles in the first picture.  (They're Layer Cakes.)

Just leave a comment telling us what you're thankful for this year.

Happy Tuesday - and Happy Thanksgiving!


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