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Still rocking the rainbow...

Still rocking the rainbow...

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It's been a year since Vanessa Christenson - aka V and Co. - released these stunning Ombré Basics.


Since then, these twenty ombré gradients have been used by quilters to create an astonishing array of quilts that can be described as traditional and modern, inventive and distinctively original.

As you would expect, Vanessa had a vision of how she wanted to use these fabrics.  This is Rising Star.


It is a very traditional Sawtooth Star variation, but the gradient color of each ombré gives it an updated, contemporary feel.

String blocks are made even more modern when combined with white for this Hang Ten quilt.


No matter the pattern, using Ombrés instead of solids or prints is a game-changer, creating a very different result.  What I love most about these fabrics is that two people could take the same pattern and fabrics and get very different results because of the variation in color.

So today I'm sharing some of my favorite Ombré Basic quilts from Instagram and Pinterest.  The names of the makers are included, as are the hashtags and searches for finding more ombré inspiration.

Modern Building Blocks - by Haley of @happinessisinthemaking.


Because Haley's quilt is so good...


#vandcoombre on Instagram yields these beautiful images...


Clockwise from upper left - @hollowglen / @hummingbirdthread / @poweredbyquilting / @jogreeny

These really are just a few of the things I found - there are a whole lot more.


On Pinterest, the search is for V and Co Ombré.


Would you have thought there were so many possibilities?

Vanessa saw it.


This is Nydia's - @nydiak - Tessellation quilt made with the Ombré Basics.

If this wasn't tempting enough, the ombres also mix beautifully with prints.  Maybe something like V and Co.'s brand new, just-shipped collection - Spectrum.


The girl does have a way with color, doesn't she?

If you missed Vanessa's ombrés last year, they've been re-printed and are now available at your favorite quilt shop.  Unless I get there first...

Happy Ombré Tuesday!