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Chocolate Cherry Bars...

Chocolate Cherry Bars...

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Take a cake mix, combine it with a few extra ingredients and you now have something completely different.  A cake mix that isn't exactly a simple cake.

This quilt is Blueberry Crumb Bars and it was made with a Moda Cake Mix.  But it's not one of the blocks in a straight setting as shown on the Cake Mix Pad, it's like the Chocolate Cherry Bars, the way the "cake is baked" gets changed up a bit.

The "recipe" for Blueberry Crumb Bars calls for 1 - True Blue by Zen Chic Layer Cake, 1 - Bella 98 Solid Layer Cake, 1/3 - yard of BasicGrey's Grunge - color #260 and 1 - yard of Moda Denim.

So where can you find this recipe?  It's on this blog under Cake Mixes.

In recent weeks, we've been hearing that even if you know about the many extra Cake Mix recipes, quite a few folks aren't quite sure where to find them.  And truth be told, if they did find them... there were a few issues, as in, you kept winding up on Pinterest.  We've adjusted that and now the links to the Eat and Sew recipes should be easier to access.

First, this is how to find the correct page.  From the website - www.modafabrics.com.

Fun & Free at the bottom of the page.  If you click that on the website, it will take you to the Fun & Free page of The Cutting Table - our blog.  If you read the blog via a subscription, you'll need to be on the actual website to get to the page.

Once you're there, click Cake Mix.  It's in two places - both will take you to the same page.

Cake Mix is always on the page, right under the Cutting Table header.  The Cake Mix Recipes tab will take you to the same place - Cake Mix.

Once you're there, you can find the additional recipes for the Cake Mix quilts we've made so far.  A couple are those shown in the pads, we're just providing the specifics about which fabrics we've used, how big to cut the borders, etc.  They're not detailed patterns but they provide enough information that you'll be able to make the quilt we did - or be inspired to go off in your own better direction!

There are two parts to each recipe - the SEW part and the EAT part.  Seriously... we couldn't share recipes without including something to eat!  Especially dessert recipes.

The recipe shown is for Shortbread 2 - it's the recipe for this quilt.

Both Shortbread quilts were made with a single Layer Cake of the Corner of 5th & Fun collection by Sandy Gervais, 1 - Bella Solid Layer Cake and some additional yardage for sashings and borders.

I'm sure you've already figured out that all of the quilts are named after desserts - cookies, bars, a pie and a few cakes.  They are some of my favorites, usually recipes from my Mom and grandmothers.  This is Lemon Bars.

Lulu Lane by Corey Yoder - 1 - Lulu Lane Layer Cake, 1 - Bella 98 Layer Cake and some additional yardage.

There is All Bark with Maven by BasicGrey.

The pattern doesn't include the sixteen block patterns for two reasons - space and what if you wanted different blocks?  Since we could only include a few blocks on the Cake Mix pads, we decided to include a recipe for blocks that can be made with 16 half-triangle squares.  It's called Magic Bars.

There are fifty blocks, and they can be made with as few as two fabrics or as many as sixteen prints plus the background.  It all depends on how scrappy you want to make them.

This is one of the blocks in All Bark for Recipe 3 - 2" half-triangle squares and 8" finished blocks - it's Sugar Cookies.

One of Lella Boutique's Sugar Pie Layer Cakes, 1 - Bella 98 Layer Cake and that's it.

I'm sure someone will ask why I didn't just include the links to each recipe but knowing where to find the page means you can easily find the new recipes being posted regularly.  There will be a couple before Market and more after that because... we have four new Cake Mixes coming in early May.

When they arrive, we'll be doing a giveaway of Cake Mix pads and Layer Cakes so you'll want to know where to find everything.  In fact... hmmm... maybe the giveaway will involve a scavenger hunt of some kind!

Probably not.  But you never know.

Finally... you didn't think I'd mention Chocolate Cherry Bars and not share that recipe.  I think the one my Mom found was from Duncan Hines but the only one I could find online that was the same is from Pillsbury.  Be warned - the recipe is way too easy to make... as in, eating all the bars is easily justified because you know you can bake another batch before your family notices the first batch is gone.  Just saying.

Happy Tuesday!  I'm off to stitch some cake... Market is coming.