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True Blue Quilts...

True Blue Quilts...

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When a Diva asks you to check out her new, just-published quilt book, True Blue Quilts, most quilters would jump up and holler "yes!"  If you love Reproduction quilts - check - then you grab the book, hug the author and shout "woohoo!"

Annette Plog is a Patchwork Diva, but more importantly, she has just published her first book with C&T Publishing - True Blue Quilts: Sew 15 Reproduction Quilts Honoring 19th-Century Designs.  (We hope it's the first of many!)

The quilt above is Bows and Ties - it measures 62-1/2" x 85" and includes a mix of woven plaids, greens, cadet blues and indigos.

In addition to beautiful quilts, Annette shares some of the history of blue fabrics from Prussian Blues to indigo, and Lancaster blue to Lapis.  The quilts and fabrics are covered in three time periods - Early Century: 1840s and earlier, Mid Century: 1840 to 1870, and Late Century: 1870 to 1900.  A brief overview of the fabrics becoming available and the popular blocks from the era adds to the history and background of Annette's quilts.

French Blue Flower Pots from the Mid-Century period - it measures 42" x 52-1/2".

Strippy Hourglass from the Early period - 66" x 72".  Perfect for large-scale prints, this simple strippy quilt uses two alternating blocks in the pieced rows.  Annette's gorgeous primary print is a Pascal Indigo from Rue Indienne collection by French General.

What I love about the many quilts in Annette's book - True Blue Quilts - is that some are clearly inspired by the fabric, e.g., Strippy Hourglass and French Blue Flowerpots.  While others are all about the mix of blue fabrics and the blocks, e.g., Bows and Ties and Westward Ships.

Westward Ships measures 60" x 78" and uses a big mix of indigo-and-white prints, with a few grays and mourning prints mixed in.  The product of a block exchange with friends, this gorgeous quilt includes white and cream shirtings to add to the vintage look.

Simply put, if you love Reproduction fabric, traditional quilts and a little bit of history, I think you'll really enjoy Annette's book.  It's probably a must-have.  I'd show you more of the quilts to convince you but there are other blogs to visit this week and I want to save a few surprises for the book!

Because this is a Blog Hop, we're going to share two copies of True Blue Quilts.  Just leave a comment by Midnight, Friday, April 20th telling us if you've ever made a blue Reproduction quilt.

Winners will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail.  (International winners will receive an Electronic copy of the book from C&T Publishing.)

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Happy Tuesday!