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Spring Quilt Market ~ Part 2

Spring Quilt Market ~ Part 2

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Happy Sunday from Quilt Market in St. Louis!

Depending on when you're reading this, Spring International Quilt Market is ending, being packed up or done for this year.

The third day of Quilt Market is always a shorter day, ending at 4:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm.  After months of anticipation and preparation, it all passes by so quickly!

But enough of that... pictures!

Let's start with Deb Strain, Bee Inspired and Deb's beautiful artwork.

All of Deb's fabric designs are based on her artwork, images she painted and text she wrote or painted.  (This is my favorite picture of her because she is a happy, friendly lady.)

A little down the block in the Moda neighborhood is another happy, friendly lady, Stacy Iest Hsu.

Stacy's new collection is Woof Woof Meow.  Dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, the stuffed animal toys are a little bigger and easier to make - perfect for teaching kids to sew?  Looking at these wonderful quilts of Stacy's, you'd never know she is a fairly new quilter - and a beginning quilt designer.

One of Moda's new designers is Crystal Manning, a graphic artist who loves making clothes.

The prints in Crystal's Wild Nectar collection are scaled to work for dresses and pillows, and both children's and adult clothing.  Wild Nectar will be in shops in November.

Alma Allen was here with At Home, Blackbird Designs' latest collection.  Barb Adams?  She was at home - and we missed her terribly!

The quilt is A Little Flower - a pattern.  Barb and Alma also have a new book, Fresh Picked.  If I were ever asked to make a list of women who inspire me, Alma would be on the list.

At Home will be in stores in November.

Betsy Chutchian and Grace's Garden - in stores in October.  Betsy wants it on the record that she did not think she would be having her picture taken in front of her quilts on the last day of Market.  I think she looks gorgeous, don't you?  (If you're reading this on Monday or Tuesday... Betsy should be a new grandma by then.  Fingers crossed for a healthy, happy baby.)

Janet Clare and Ahoy Me Hearties.  The gorgeous Storm at Sea design quilt is Sailing the Blue - it measures 72" x 72".  The other two Ahoy quilts are Sail Away on the left, and Great Gulls is on the right.  Janet and the Chief of Everything, Tony, have been enjoying every spare moment in St. Louis, they've been everywhere and seen everything!  Ahoy Me Hearties ships in November.

I guess when you cross an ocean and come all the way from Great Britain, it would be a shame not to see the sights.

Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty by Hand came from Calgary, Canada with her debut collection, First Romance.

The big quilt is Starlings and the little blue quilt is Starlings Mini.  First Romance will ship in November.

Sandy Klop - aka American Jane - has been in the house!  And she's with a Merry Go Round.

The quilts are wonderful - Radiant Wheels is on the left, Red Carpet and ABC Letters are on the right.

Just a few feet away, I found Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater with Authentic Etc.   -

How perfectly awesome are these spools?

They're just made with circles adhered to the top and bottoms, and scraps wrapped around the spools.  And that planter!  Karla and her daughters, Susan and Lisa, are incredibly creative in the things they make with their fabrics.

Jo Morton!

I managed to catch Jo while she had a few moments in her booth - she is showing her new Timeless collection.  New quilts are coming soon - don't you love Jo's Blockheads blocks?

This log cabin-star-four-patch quilt made with Timeless is Project Sheet 38020, designed by Susan Stiff of Moda.  It was pieced by Chelair Etter and machine-quilted by Maggi Honeyman.

Barb & Mary of Me & My Sister - they were Frolic-ing.

They were also showing their very popular Double-Wide Dresden Ruler - for which they have several terrific patterns.

This is Debbie Maddy and her gorgeous Shibori II - the follow-up to the equally beautiful Shibori.

Debbie is an accomplished shibori-dyer and she teaches the techniques all across the country.  The Shibori collections are printed fabrics based on Debbie's dyed fabrics based on antique shibori textiles.  Shibori II will be in shops in August.

Vanessa really is a farmer's daughter - she's a third-generation farmer's daughter!

Vanessa Goertzen - Lella Boutique.  Farmer's Daughter - her spectacular new collection, coming in November.  That wonderful house quilt behind Vanessa, it's going to be a kit.  (More information coming soon.)

That's it for today... there are a few more designers and pictures to share but I better get back so folks don't think I've bailed on taking down the booth.

Wait, I have one last picture for today...

Congratulations to Holly Hickman and Lissa Alexander for leading the way to Moda Fabrics winning the First Place Award for Best Multiple Booth. Lissa and Holly collaborate on the concept and then Holly starts figuring out how to make it all happen.

The rest of us?

We just follow directions and help build it.

Except I'm not allowed near power tools or anything sharp.

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