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Thread A Needle Day!

Thread A Needle Day!

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It's really a day - official.  Sort of.  Government offices aren't closed and you probably still have to go to work, but it's still a lovely opportunity to celebrate!  Preferably with chocolate!

[Insert gratuitous picture of Triple-Threat Chocolate Cookies here.] [Acknowledge source of gratuitous picture here.] [Provide link to recipe here.]

National Thread A Needle Day!  You thought I forgot, didn't you?

July 25th is National Sew A Needle Day.  It's been observed since... nobody exactly knows.  It's just been there for as long as anybody keeping track of this kind of thing can remember.  And since it isn't an official day resulting from a formal decree of some kind, there isn't any documentation.  But who cares about that, right?  It's here and we're celebrating it!

While "threading a needle" is generally meant to apply to sewing - putting a thread through the eye of a needle - it has many other meanings.  Here are a few of them:

  • To find a path between two opposing issues or viewpoints ~ the metaphorical meaning.
  • In billiards or pool, it's a shot where the cue ball is shot precisely through a narrow pathway of two balls.
  • It is also used in sports to describe moving the ball through a tight space where there is no room for error.
  • In yoga, it is the name of a pose that is great for stretching your back, neck and shoulders.

But let's stick with threads and needles - the sewing kind.

Because it's a holiday, we need to celebrate.  A celebration means a party and since you can't come here, we're going to send a little something to two people.  A huge, huge thank you to our lovely friends at Aurifil for sending us a few of these Thread Sampler Packs to share.  Each pack has one spool of each of Aurifil's seven threads.

Seven?  Aurifil makes seven different threads?

  • Cotton Mako 50 wt. - for piecing and appliqué by hand and machine, and for embroidery and quilting by machine
  • Cotton Mako 40 wt. - for hand-piecing, and for quilting, appliqué, embroidery and piecing by machine
  • Cotton Mako 28 wt. - for quilting, appliqué and embroidery by machine or hand
  • Cotton Mako 12 wt. - for embellishment, sashiko, quilting, embroidery, appliqué and cross-stitch by hand or machine
  • Cotton Mako 80 wt. - for English Paper Piecing and appliqué by hand, for embroidery, quilting and appliqué by machine
  • Lana Wool 12 wt. - for hand-appliqué, embroidery and cross-stitch, for machine quilting and appliqué
  • Aurifloss - a six-strand cotton floss for embroidery, cross-stitch, appliqué and needlepoint

Our National Thread A Needle goodie box will include:

Just leave a comment by Midnight tonight - Tuesday, July 25 - telling me if you're going to be stitching today.  If so, what will you be stitching?

And if you can't stitch but would still like to try "threading the eye of a needle"... there is always the yoga pose - Yoga Eye of the Needle Pose.

Happy Tuesday!

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