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Well Said & Yucatan...

Well Said & Yucatan...

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Happy Tuesday!  'Fess up... do you still have leftovers?  Or are you done with that and looking for something new, enticing and not in holiday-theme colors?

For Sandy Gervais, this isn't just a quote, it's a way of life.

Painter.  Artist.  Quilter.  Pioneer.  Not to make Sandy sound old but she was the first Moda Fabric designer.  She's painted and designed hundreds of collections since then for every season and holiday.

Her new collection - Well Said - debuted at Fall International Quilt Market and it's signature Sandy... a masterful use of color and hand-painted  prints mix geometrics with whimsical flowers.

Shipping in April, 2018, Well Said has 34 pieces - eight prints in Peacock, Citrine, Pesto, Geranium, Prussian Blue and Coral.  There are four 108" wide backings - the Texture print in the top-center of the picture.  There are also two panel prints - Peacock and Citrine.

This is Citrine - but I love them both.

From one of the "veteran" Moda designers to one of the youngsters... Annie Brady and Yucatan.

For a girl born and raised in Ireland, and now living in Rhode Island, Annie Brady loves to create her art with inspiration from the wide open spaces of Big Sky country and to a Caribbean vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula.

This is Yucatan Cactus in Night Sky.  It's so much more vibrant in person - that pink!

Yucatan is a collection packed with youthful energy! Fresh and contemporary but with a hand-rendered charm, the illustrations tell a story of sunny days, sea views, jungle walks and craggy cliffs. Sea birds, cacti and flowers add a playful punch, and subtle tribal motifs and geometrics reflect the landscape. Yucatan has a lush color palette, as bright and cheerful as the peninsula itself.

In shops in March 2018, Yucatan is Annie's second collection with Moda - her first was the very popular, Big Sky.

With prints titled Cactus, Seabirds, Jungle, Arrow, Flower Ditsy, Wave and Mountains, Annie has created a collection of thirty-four pieces that are perfectly suited for quilts, clothing, home decor items and accessories.  The contemporary mix of neutrals and bright, saturated color is hard to resist.

Cactus in Sandbar.

I can't decide if I need this for a quilt backing, a dress or shirt, or a bag.  Maybe all of them.

That's all I've got for today - we're getting ready for a 12Contest contest, a couple of Christmas treats and a few other surprises.

Here's hoping you have a terrific day!

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