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Blockheads ~ Block 43

Blockheads ~ Block 43

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It's official.  We're on the homestretch now... for 2017 and for the Blockheads.

Here's hoping you had a lovely December with family, friends... and maybe a little time to yourself to rest, relax and reflect.  It is that time of year... winter.  I've always thought it was more the nature of the season than the dates on the calendar.  But that's just me.

This week's block is Any Direction - Every Direction? - by Lynne Hagmeier.

For the blue Reproduction block, the light blue and background are from Snowberry by 3 Sisters,  the pale gold is Rue Indienne by French General and the red print is from I don't remember.

CLICK HERE for the link to Lynne's blog and Block 43 - Any Direction.

While I liked how my first block turned out, I also thought I might be able to do a little better.  I'll let you decide...

This version of the block flipped the light-dark placement of the outer flying geese units.  The background is the same Snowberry, the red print is Minick & Simpson's Polka Dots & Paisleys, the yellow is from Rachel Remembered by Betsy Chutchian and the blue is from I don't remember which collection.  (That seems to be a theme today... especially now that I'm down to some scraps of fabric with no selvage.)

For the Figgy block... it's the holidays and they'll have to wait until I get home.

So last week's question that I'll answer this week because I answered this week's question last week.  Turnstiles, Directions... 'nuff said, right?

Question of the Week ~ My perfect holiday season is... e.g., big and boisterous, quiet and peaceful?  I will spend this coming week doing... e.g., baking, shopping, getting ready for a full house?

I have always loved quiet holidays, it's how we introverts roll.  A big, boisterous crowd of family, friends and guests is lovely - and I do enjoy it - but I'm often the first to find a quiet corner somewhere.  I love the front porch at my brother's house - comfortable chairs, Mardi Gras-colored lights on the overhang and the quiet countryside.  Now if only he had a fire pit or space-heater out there.  (It's a bit chilly here in Texas this week.)

I did some baking - Mark requested the Pioneer Woman's Bacon Crackers - some shopping, thought it seemed like it was primarily for groceries, and I packed the car for the drive to my brother's house.  With a stop in West at the Czech Stop for Kolaches.

Just in case you missed it - CLICK HERE for the link to Lynne's blog and Block 43 - Any Direction.

Don't forget that there is a Blockheads Archive with links to all of the published blocks and blog posts.

That's it for today, December 27.  Be sure to visit Lisa, Betsy, Jo and Jan to see their blocks and what other good things they might have made:

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Happy Blockhead Wednesday!