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Border 1

Border 1

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Oda May

We have reached the end of Week 1 of our Choose Your Own Adventure Quilt-Along! You've seen the choices for Path A and Path B centers. Which adventure did you choose?!

NOTE: This is one post in a series of quilt-along posts. Start from the beginning with the first post {here}.

Next week we will have two options for the latest Round-about our medallion - Path A on Monday and Path B on Wednesday. We will stick to this routine for the rest of our time here at camp. Typically our border posts will fall on Sunday to go along with Sunday Social and Fridays will be reserved for the optional cornerstones. Confusing? Don't worry! Just keep checking back in, download this printable, and you will be on your own path to adventure in no time.

  • (2) 1" x 20.5" strips for top/bottom borders
  • (2) 1" x 21.5" strips for side borders

We suggest using background fabric for this border but if you want to make it pop, by all means - pop away!

Lightly starch and press your completed medallion center block. Square it up to 20.5" x 20.5".

Sew 1" x 20.5" strips to the top and bottom of your block. Press.

Sew 1" x 21.5" strips to each side of your block. Press, lightly starch, and press the whole block one more time.

The medallion center + border should measure 21.5" square. And that's it for this week! See you back here for Sunday Social.

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