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Path A: Dresden Peak

Path A: Dresden Peak

Written by: 
Mary Andra Holmes

Welcome to our first block in Oda May's Summer Camp quilt-along! Today we have the first of two center options for you. Which one will you choose?!

NOTE: This is one post in a series of quilt-along posts. Start from the beginning with the first post {here}.

I am camp counselor Mary Andra Holmes, of MahQuilter Designs and a sister of Sisters Quilting Trunk.  I'm at the top of majestic Dresden Peak which is the start of Path A.  Several campers who have chosen applique' as their adventure for their center medallion have joined me. We are looking down at Camp Oda May for color inspiration.  I see a sky filled with puffy white clouds, beautiful blue water and a red covered bridge going over the river.  If applique' is not your adventure, take a little detour as you travel down the mountain towards camp, you will find Path B.  Camp counselor, Kristina Brinkerhoff, will be waiting for you at Star Valley on June 27th.

This block  finishes at 20" x 20". Including seam allowance it will measure 20.5" x 20.5"


WOF = width of fabric

Use a scant 1/4" seam unless otherwise noted.

  • 3 fat quarters or 6 Layer Cakes
  • 20.5" square of background fabric OR (1) 10.5"  WOF  strip of background fabric

  • Point Turner by Clover

Please read all directions before cutting fabric. Print out templates from the Printer Friendly File before beginning. Transfer to template plastic,wax paper or use plain paper depending on your preference.


From Background Fabric, cut:

  • (1) 20.5" square  OR (4) 10.5" x 10.5" from 10.5" strip*

*You can make the dresden in four sections instead of one. If you are a beginner appliquer, handling less fabric in your hand is easier.

From Fat Quarters or Layer Cakes, cut:

  • (24) of  template A
  • (4) template B  OR  (1) template C for Dresden center

NOTE: Placement of template is especially  important if you are using all Layer Cakes. Lay the cutting template down as shown, aligning the wide tip of the petal with the top left corner of your fabric piece. Note that the dashed line shown on the template is the finished size of the Dresden petal. Do not use the dashed line for cutting.

Cut 1: Trim Fat Quarter or Layer Cake to Dresden petal height.

Cut 2: Cut left side of Dresden petal.

Cut 3: Cut right side of Dresden petal. Flip template upside down.

Cut 4: Make sure template is aligned and then cut right side of second Dresden petal.

Repeat this flip and cut process to cut out 24 Dresden petals from various prints or solids.

Sewing Instructions:

1. Fold each petal in half, right sides together and finger press along the fold line.

2. Machine stitch along the top - the widest part, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Backstitch at start and end of seam.

3. On the folded side of the seam, and up about 1/8", cut point off. This eliminates bulk at point.

4. Finger press seam open and turn tip inside out. Use the point turner to distribute fabric at tip. Line up seam line to fold line and iron. Repeat for all 24 petals.

20.5" Background Instructions

Machine sew all (24) petals together to form a circle. Fold background square in half and finger press fold line. Open square up and fold in opposite direction, and again finger press fold line. Open up and you will clearly see your center. Center your finished Dresden Plate using the fold lines as a guide and applique in place by machine or by hand. Place circle your made with Template C in center and applique in place. All done!

(4) 10.5" Background Instructions

Sew (6) petals together and applique in place on each of the four 10.5" blocks. Applique quarter template B in place. Repeat for remaining petals and background squares. Sew all 4 sections together to form a circle making sure all seams line up in each section.  All done!

This is how my Dresden Peak block turned out:

This block finishes at 20" square.

Thank you for joining Camp Oda May. I'm sure our paths will meet up again along the way. As all blocks are the same size in each path, you may follow both paths and mix them up. Choosing your own adventure sure is fun. Tag us on Instagram using #chooseyourownadventureQAL We would love to follow your adventure.

Enjoy Camp. I'm bringing S'mores!

Mary Andra Holmes

[blog: sistersquiltingtrunk.blogspot.com ]
[instagram: @MAHquilter]