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Little Quilts Times Two

Little Quilts Times Two

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Turnabouts. Two quilts in one. They're not reversible, but they do double-duty by showing two different mini quilts at the same time.

Tabletop Turnabouts by Jan Patek - distinctive, original and 100% Jan. (Let's thank the mirror for the assist on seeing both sides in this picture.)

Each "turnabout" is one 12" x 24" mini quilt with a single 12" block on one side and four 6" blocks on the other side. Drape the mini quilt over a frame or stand and place it on a table to enjoy both sides at the same time.

Jan's signature folk art style is on display through a year's worth of seasonal quilts. The work is mostly appliqué but that can be done by hand, by machine or with fusible products. Hand-quilted or machine-quilted, embroidered or done with wool, these Tabletop Turnabouts are the perfect daily stitching kind of project.

While the blocks are already "paired" for compatibility and a seasonal theme, there isn't any reason we can't do a little bit of mixing.

Wouldn't this be perfect for kids? And summer. And a beach house.

October and Halloween - the cat with the eyepatch is my favorite.

Lady Liberty and stars.

This is my favorite - from the colors to the designs. As I look at this, I'm reminded that I just might have a 12" x 24" pillow form. Side-by-side, this would make a wonderful holiday pillow... just saying.

I love that all of the designs can be embellished with quilting and embroidery, as much or as little as you like.

Tabletop Turnabouts will be available this coming week - and we're going to share a couple of copies. Just leave a comment by Midnight on Thursday, May 2, CST, telling us if you make mini quilts for decorating your home.

Happy Tuesday!

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