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Kimberly Kight

Kimberly Kight

If you’re a longtime fan of the fabric and quilting industry, you know Kimberly Kight – or at the very least, you knew her fabric blog, True Up. The Texas-based designer began sewing as a hobby in 2001, which sparked her interest in fabric design. “Back then there weren’t a lot of great fabrics out there, so I was thrift shopping and looking on eBay to find fabrics I liked. That’s how I started collecting vintage fabrics,” Kimberly explains. “Then I became curious about the fabric printing process, and the whole world of fabric pattern design.”

While there were plenty of blogs and magazines about sewing, there weren’t any specifically focused on fabrics. Kimberly wanted to create that place for others that shared her interest, and True Up became the industry’s go-to source for fabric news and information.

The blog developed in parallel to her work learning to create her own fabric designs, and while it has since shuttered, her passion for designing fabrics has continued. “I just love the design process and putting fabric out there,” Kimberly adds. “And I love seeing what people make. It’s super exciting to have your body of work out there in a tangible form.”

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