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BH4- Block 24- Vanessa Christenson

BH4- Block 24- Vanessa Christenson

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Welcome, Vanessa Christenson, as she shares the inspiration behind her fabric line, Ombre Galaxy Metallics, her Blockhead block, and her newest project, being a life coach.

BH4 Vanessa C

The inspiration for this block is my love of stars and chains. The ombré gives the block depth by highlighting the different shades and how you can cut the fabric intentionally to get a beautiful monochromatic block. I chose to work with greens and blues first because it reminds me of my childhood of many summer days by the beach with feet in the sand and looking out towards the ocean. 

You can download the block pattern here.

But here are a few fun things I am doing in the quilting world as we speak:

As I mentioned before, this block represents things that I love in the quilting world and outside of that world. Stars and chains are my two favorite blocks, but I must admit that out of the two, the star is my absolute favorite ...and I'm not picky! I especially love this star and chain combo because of the secondary block it produces in a quilt.

BH4 Vanessa C

Now, the colors. I love all colors, as you can tell with our many ombre shades available, but people are shocked when they walk into my home and find that I am very plain when it comes to color. 

Some of my newest patterns feature this collection.

BH4- Vanessa- Ombre Stargazer

STARGAZER, stock #VC 1276

BH4 Vanessa C

Diamonds Stock # VC 1277 

BH4 Vanessa C Ombre wildflowers


I love neutrals, but when I pick a color to highlight in my home, it usually is blue and green. I grew up by the ocean, and I have spent most of my early life up till my mid 30's by the ocean. I currently live in the Midwest and love it...but I still yearn to be by the ocean. So you see, my surroundings outside my sewing room are decorated as if I live within close range of the ocean, with white, natural woods and splashes of blues and greens like sea glass.

BH4 Vanessa stars

My love of all colors comes out to play while we watch movies; everyone is under a different color quilt or a wide range of color quilts! 

Color invokes emotions in people, and as a certified Life Coach for creative minds who are overwhelmed and seek peace to get back to creativity and the things they love to do... I also lean towards soft colors of neutrals and blues.

BH4 Vanessa C Ombre reversible bag

I find that when there is harmony in our minds and lives, we can unlock space in our minds for creativity; because of that, I also created an accountability group for creatives where we make a promise to get out and get some physical activity daily so we can come back behind our sewing machines with a big nice sigh joy and focus and confidence.

I hope you enjoy the blockhead's block and a few of my patterns.

BH4 Vanessa C- bio pic

Follow her on the platforms to learn more about Vanessa and her multi-talented projects.

Instagram: Vchristenson

Lifecoach Instagram: Vchristenson. lifecoach

Facebook accountability group for physical activity: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481913022230183

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VandCo

You can find the podcast I host with my husband about dealing with life and our views as a therapist and a coach here:


BH4 Vanessa group shot

We are excited that Quilt Market is on for 2022 this October in Houston, Texas, so  I had to share a picture of some of our sales professionals wearing outfits made using some of Vanessa's Ombre fabrics.

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