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MMQAL- Week15

MMQAL- Week15

Written by: 
Tammy Vonderschmitt

Congratulations on the last two blocks – yippee – If you have made it this far.  You are creating an heirloom, and you are a Rock Star for making so many blocks in three sizes. 

 MMQAL- Rocky Mountain


Rocky Mountain block 


 The main thing for this block is to watch which way the triangles are placed around the center. You might need your friend Jack (The Ripper) if they are not placed as shown.  


My tip is to lay out all the unit pieces, sew one HST together, and place it back where it goes. 

I always get messed up when I’m in a hurry and think I can chain piece the HST together and then forget which way they go. 


 Weather Vane block 


MMQAL- Weather Vane - all sizes

Sew and flip corners. There are many ways to do this, but I am a massive fan of antler Quilt Designs; Stock Number: AQDR2

Mini Simple Folded Corners AQDR2 


As they say, the heavy lifting is done, but there are still several steps. Since we have pieced three different-sized blocks, the next step is adding borders to make the blocks all the same size. We have broken this into sections, but once you get the hang of it, they start to come together fairly quickly. This is also where we mentioned you would be able to square up your blocks.

MMQAL- Rocky Mountain Fabrics


The remaining schedule for Midnight Moon QAL

Week 16 – July 23  Small Corner triangle frame-blocks

Week 17 – July 30  Small half-square triangle frame-blocks

Week 18 – Aug 6    Bonus Block - can be used in a quilt or as a label

Week 19 – Aug 13  Small Patchwork Framed blocks 

Week 20 – Aug 20  Small Three Geese framed blocks

Week 21 – Aug 27  Medium size frame-blocks

Week 22 – Sept 3   Large size frame-blocks – I just used any 1” or 1 ¼” strips I had to sew around the blocks

                                                Then trim to the correct size,  I made mine 9” instead of 8 ¾”; it was easier to see on my ruler.

Week 23 – Sept 10 Final week – Finishing – Celebrate – Decorate 

And then on to the Christmas QAL's!!


- Tammy V.