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My Favorite Color is Moda - Fabric & Cutting

My Favorite Color is Moda - Fabric & Cutting

Written by: 
Michelle White

Update: It's us, not your favorite shop.  Many shops have not received all of the colors for My Favorite Color is Moda because we're still waiting for those fabrics to arrive in our warehouse from the mills overseas.  As soon as they arrive, they will be rushed out to shops.   

T minus 2 weeks left until we start sharing our My Favorite Color Is Moda blocks!

Have you chosen your fabrics yet?  Started cutting your fabric?  Now is the time!

If you don't know about our My Favorite Color is Moda sewalong, check out the previous My Favorite Color is Moda post for all the information, or ask at your local quilt shop.  Many shops are stocking not just the pattern, but fabric kits as well!

We will be sharing blocks from six colorways of Bella Solids over the course of 2021.  The whole quilt uses just 10 fabrics in varying yardages, and it's the perfect project for playing with color pairings and contrast in your blocks.

CT MFC Primrose Garden

Primrose Garden

These Bella Solids just feel like spring.  Leafy greens, buttercup yellow, and floral pinks.  Bella Solids stock numbers 9900 192 Leaf, 74 Green Apple, 188 Chartreuse, 51 Buttercup, 11 Snow, 61 Pink, 422 Nectar, 26 Pale Pink, 166 Amelia Pink, and 143 Popsicle.

CT MFC Coastal Cool

Coastal Cool

Sit back and feel the sea breeze with this palette of blues, sandy naturals, and aquas.  Bella Solids stock numbers 9900 247 Pastel Blue, 122 Bettys Blue, 218 Indigo, 174 American Blue, 429 Driftwood, 98 White Bleached, 201 Sand, 34 Aqua, 87 Teal, and 270 Lagoon.

CT MFC Tropical Getaway

Tropical Getaway

The jungle awaits, full of dense rainforest and tropical flowers.  Bella Solids stock numbers 9900 108 Jade, 110 Dark Teal, 111 Horizon Blue, 14 Christmas Green, 209 Clementine, 143 Popsicle, 410 Sangria, 303 Sugar Plum, 412 Cyclamen, and 217 Boysenberry.

CT MFC Cookie Tin

Cookie Tin

We may have just put Christmas away, but that just means the Cookie Tin colorway is the perfect thing to bring cheer to your sewing room.  Bella Solids stock numbers 9900 11 Snow, 169 Ruby Ice, 65 Green, 216 Peacock, 258 Geranium, 47 Scarlet, 16 Christmas Red, 121 Bettys Green, 77 Dill, and 14 Christmas Green.

CT MFC Trading Post

Trading Post

Earthy browns with a pop of teal lend a touch of cozy Southwestern style to the whole project.  Bella Solids stock numbers 9900 280 Espresso, 41 Chocolate, 293 Spice, 292 Amber, 180 Cocoa, 13 Tan, 245 Latte, 281 Eggshell, 270 Lagoon, and 430 Mink.

CT MFC Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade

How do you make pink lemonade?  We like to add a few drops of cranberry juice to a batch of regular old lemonade.  Bella Solids stock numbers 9900 147 Coral, 422 Nectar, 209 Clementine, 105 Rust, 31 Baby Yellow, 221 Sunflower, 290 Marigold, 88 Bubble Gum, 27 30’s Pink, and 410 Sangria.


CT MFC Fabric Swatches

If you decide to create your own palette of fabrics for this project, each page of the pattern features a handy color chart to help keep your fabric numbers straight as you sew along.  And don't forget the coloring sheet for download. The coloring sheet also makes a perfect place to stitch a little swatch reference so that you don't get confused which fabric is which down the line.  

CT MFC Color Groups

For those picking their own fabrics, you’ll notice in our Bella colorways that we tried to keep to a limited number of color groupings.  With some exceptions here and there, there are three ‘groups’ of colors within each bundle.  For example, in the Cookie Tin colorway, Fabrics 1-4 are a range of white to icey blue-green, Fabrics 5-7 are reds, and Fabrics 8-10 are greens.  Choosing limited colors, and then using a range of lights to darks within those colors, lends a good cohesiveness to your entire quilt.  Especially handy on a modern sampler like this where the blocks are all mixed together without sashing! 

CT MFC Trading Post Color Groups

And of course there’s always room for an unexpected pop!  In the Trading Post colorway, adding just a touch of Lagoon (9900 270) for Fabric 9 makes the whole quilt really sing.

And now, cutting.  Everyone’s favorite part of quilting, right?

CT MFC Cutting Tools

It is strongly recommended that before you start cutting, you gather twenty (20) Ziploc bags (or something similar) to label for Block 1 to Block 20.  This will help enormously in keeping your pieces straight as you make your way through the pattern.  There are many similar-but-not-the-same size pieces from block to block, so separating them out by block as you cut will go a long way to helping you avoid any mistakes!  I will warn you in advance, there is a lot of cutting on the full quilt.  Definitely don't start when you're on a tight deadline, and make sure you're organized from the start!

CT MFC Block Baggies

The pattern features a to-scale chart for each fabric, just to reinforce the cutting list that follows for all of us visual learners.  You’ll notice that cutting doesn’t quite follow the order of the blocks, which is where your numbered baggies will come in handy!  In order to economize your fabric, we had to shift a few things around to get the best bang for your buck.

CT MFC Cutting Charts

For those sewing along with a shop BOM, where you receive just what you need every month for that block(s), there are alternate cutting charts available through your shop just to make sure you’re getting everything you should out of your fabric.  You’ll have all the same information, just organized by block number than by fabric number.  Make sure to keep an eye out for any places that you MUST save your scraps as you go!

As you cut into your fabrics, it’s a good practice on a large project like this to save your scraps until the very end, just in case you make a cutting mistake, or have a cat that loves tipping over coffee cups, or even just to put in a scrappy backing!

We are so excited to start sewing with you all next month in February!

And be sure to share any pictures of your fabrics, cutting and organizing on social media - #myfavoritecolorismoda.

For a download of this post - My Favorite Color is Moda - Fabric & Cutting