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UnBoxed - Holiday Essentials

UnBoxed - Holiday Essentials

Written by: 
Stacy Iest Hsu

Holiday Essentials is just that, essential holiday prints that are a must have in your next holiday sewing project.  This collection represents four small seasonal groups: Love, Americana, Halloween and Christmas.  With it’s interchangeable color palette and small, sweet, tossed prints the possibilities are endless.  

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Selvages

When approached to create this collection, I was so excited because I thought it was a fantastic idea.  Creating four groups of holiday prints that are timeless and easy to pop into any holiday project you might be working on.  

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Love

Holiday Essentials LOVE.  There are ten prints in this collection.

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Americana

There are twenty prints in Holiday Essentials Americana.

I have been quilting for about 7 years.  I started when I started designing fabric for Moda.  I wanted to understand how fabric worked in quilts and have a better understanding so that I could design prints that quilters wanted to quilt with.  When designing quilts,  I noticed I would always tend to gravitate to the tiny tossed prints.  I loved the way you could see a lot of the artwork in one block as well as it tended to read more as a solid.  Don’t get me wrong though, I still love my large scale prints and I truly believe they are essential to a collection.  Oftentimes they tell the story, create variety in scale and add interest in quilts.  These essentials are the perfect prints to pair with any type of print.  

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Halloween

Holiday Essentials Halloween.  There are twenty prints in this collection too.  

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Christmas

And Holiday Essentials Christmas.  Twenty pieces. 

I tried to create prints that were on trend in color and style, yet still very timeless.  My hope for this collection is that you will be able to incorporate it into any holiday fabric pull and it will play beautifully with the other prints. 

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials LOVE Quilt

With Love - SIH055

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Americana Quilt

Stars & Stripes - SIH056.

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Halloween Quilt

Spooky Time - SIH057.

CT UnBoxed Holiday Essentials Christmas Quilt

A Very Merry Christmas - SIH058.

Each Holiday Essentials bundle plays nicely with each other as well!  This is shown in the quilts that I designed for this collection.   All four quilts are roughly the same size so if there is a seasonal wall in your home, you can change out the quilts throughout the season.  Because they are all sampler quilts, you can pull out blocks to create pillows, runners, totes or smaller wall hangings.  The possibilities are endless.  

So make sure your sewing machine is ready to go and have your favorite sewing candy at the ready,  because you will be busy sewing up all kinds of fun with this collection.

Thank you for spending time with me.


Ask for Holiday Essentials at your favorite quilt shop.

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