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As much as we love our designer collections, we love mixing them all up to make combinations for scrap quilts.  Because you know we love scrap quilts!


This uses seventy-two different fabrics from something like ten different designer collections that debuted at Fall Market in Houston last October.

This quilt?  This is the Color Cuts Dessert Sampler. it measures 70" x 78" finished size.

Color Cuts?  I know I've mentioned them but I probably didn't get around to completely explaining what they are.  So what are the Color Cuts?

There are six curated color selections - Sprouts - Roadtrip - Lemon Drop - Daybreak - Sugar on Top - Beach Glass.

Curated?  Each Color Cut features twelve fabrics from as many as five different designers.  For example, Sugar on Top includes fabrics from Pepper & Flax, Well Said, Nest, Ella & Ollie and Harmony.  Sprouts includes fabrics from Well Said, Pepper & Flax, Home Sweet Home and Ella & Ollie.

Each has a range of color and pattern, allowing for combinations that are subtle, or that have the contrast required for great scrap quilts.

Each of the six curated color bundles comes in three different cuts:

  • Quarter Cuts - 12 Fat Quarters - 18" x 22"
  • Cake Cuts - 24 Layer Cake Squares - 10" x 10" - 2 of each print
  • Dessert Cuts - 12 Dessert Roll cuts - 5" x 42"

The edges on the Dessert Cuts and Cake Cuts will be pinked, as they are for Moda's regular Layer Cakes and pre-cuts.

The Quarter Cuts will be folded into quarters and rolled - they're so cute I think I'm going to be rolling a lot more fat quarters!

The Color Cuts are designed to be mixed and matched, used together, or added to designer collections where an additional "color pop" is desired.  Add a little pink to Corey Yoder's Pepper & Flax?  Or you can use a couple of Cake Cuts with the Cake Mix papers to create a new palette entirely.

Outside the Lines uses Sprouts, Lemon Drop and Daybreak Cake Cuts and Cake Mix Recipe No. 3.  It measures 75" x 75".

Picnic at Daybreak?   It measures 68" x 74" and it's made with the Roadtrip and Daybreak Cake Cuts and Cake Mix Recipe No. 7.

Picnic is also beautiful made in Aqua and Gray - Beach Glass and Roadtrip.



I confess that as much as I love fat quarters and layer cake squares, the Dessert Cuts are my favorite because one of the 5" x 42" strips can be cut in half to make two (2) Jelly Roll strips.  So if you have a book of quilts made with 2-1/2" strips - like Susan Ache's Start With Strips - you're all set.

Or any of the many, many terrific Jelly Roll books and patterns available.

The Dessert Cuts can also be cut into 5" squares to use with charm pack patterns and books, or the Big Book of Nickel Quilts.  Got Schnibbles?

The Color Cuts won't be available until April so get busy on that sewing WIP list so you'll be ready to start sewing when they arrive.  At least that's what I'm doing.

That's it for today!  Happy Friday!